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When I was a kid, I wanted a dirt bike so bad. And the one I wanted looked a lot like this one. Of course, that’s only because it looks like the one used by John Conner in Terminator 2. Now all I need is a Public Enemy shirt and an ATM-hacking laptop.



If you’re anything like me, it’s really freaking hard to wake up, let alone to actually feel awake. Lush, the makers of all natural bathroom products make something that just might get your brain ticking by the early afternoon. The shower bomb gets all fizzle-y once it makes contact with water, release all sorts of nose caffeine. Also, all of the shower bombs are vegan so that you don’t have to subject yourself to giraffe placenta.


So this Shawn guy sure has made a name for himself. His Ninja Town characters now have their very own Kidrobot zipper pull series. They’re so round and shiny that I kind of need them real bad. I’m running out of zippers, so I might end up putting these on my fly zipper. It will only make peeing that much easier and enjoyable.

Need to know when it’s time to kick some kaiju ass? This totally ultra watch features the same color scheme as the ambassador from the Land of Light and even has an Ultraman logo and a silhouette of the character. Unlike Ultraman, though, this thing isn’t solar-powered.

I never really understood the love for Animal Crossing. It’s a cool game (or maybe “non-game”) but I thought it was a little boring. I did love the art direction though. All the characters were really cool. So I’m digging this gachapon phone strap. Get it at Amazon for under $6.

This rubbery Diesel watch comes in pink, blue, green, orange, black, and red. I really like the pink one. And the blue one. Oh and the red one, too. $85 each isn’t so bad, especially coming from Diesel, who’s pants are like $100. Per leg.


PS: That Vannen watch in my last post is 30% off for today (Labor Day) only, as are all the other Vannen watches.

I’m not a fan of all of Vannen’s watches, but I’d definitely pick this one up if it wasn’t so expensive. I love the color scheme and retro shapes, but $70 is pretty steep. It’s probably so expensive because it’s limited to 100 pieces. I’d rather put that $70 towards the Diesel watch that I’ll post next.

This here keychain is a mini recreation of Thundermutt. There are four colorways, and I’d say this superhero one’s the best. I like the lucha libre variant, too, but that one has a nipple.


Mostly because it’s all pixely and stuff. I also approve of the pin stripes and light-blue-on-white color scheme, the mix of analog and digital readouts, and videogame HUD style. I just with the side buttons weren’t chromed out. It makes it a little too girly for me. But if you’re a girl it might just work out unless you look manly.


Well whatever it is, it sure is cute. These Mameshiba cell phone straps come in all sorts of colors and sizes. Each type of bean has its own characteristic, like the Natamame (Japanese for sword bean) which has a tiny katana or the Toramame (Japanese for tiger bean) which is yellow with dark brow stripes. Get them at Strapya World for under $10.